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Pumpkin Gutter: - youtube video of the pumpkin gutter - Pumpkin Gutter Site!

Lego Art:

COLOR THEORY - Interesting Site:

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Art Babble
Sistine Chapel:

An online encyclopedia for ART - terms and artists.

Art History Famous Paintings come to life

BLOGS: - create a blog, it's easy! - Blog site Blog site

WEBSITE / WIKI: - Create your own wiki. - Use this site to create your own website.

ADDITIONS TO YOUR BLOG - CHECK OUT: - add bling to your blog and animated TEXT

ART GAMES: Create your own Picasso Head! Create your own Jackson Pollock! Create your own Calder Mobile! Mondrimat - Mondrian inspired art. Create your own Chihuly online! Test your color theory and mixing applications! Etch-a-Sketch interactive game and gallery. DRAW LIVE - real time collaboratively!

GAMING SITES- TO CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES - there may also be contests for games created - and prized awarded for your creativity!

5 Great Photo Editing Tool Sites. - Create your own character from- Diary of a Wimpy kid. Draw a stick man... and solve problems. - computer animation - Animation Website - free download program comparable to photoshop. Comparable to photoshop- FREE - free trial version NOW! - Creatively use your photos.... all kinds of ways. Works for text art as well! Storyboard site.

SITES FOR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: - PHOTOSHOP - NEW!! FREE VERSION DOWNLOAD!!! upload photos, fix and edit photot - and share (the new picnik)! - photo editing site - upload photos and videos once and share! Also find other neat photos! - upload photos and create and online slideshow.

DIGITAL POSTERS and OTHER COOL THINGS WITH YOUR PHOTOS: - Online site allows you to create your own digital poster - Online site allows you to create a digital layout of an event. - Online site allows you to be creative in the digital arts. - Online site allows you to convert your digital pictures into fold-able works of art.

COMIC GENERATORS: Witty Comics, create 2 character comics using pre-drawn backgrounds. Artisan Cam, allows you to build a 6 frame comic and explore other art related activities. Create your own super hero comic strips and comic books. Select the backgrounds, characters, and special effects from the provided menus. Drag-and-drop cartoon creation tool which allows anyone regardless of artistic ability to create comics. Choose the characters, add text and you are on your way! Make your own easy and fun comics! Upload your own images to create your own comic. May embed into a blog. Create your own comics from images, backgrounds, and add your own dialogue. Turn digital photos into digital comics! Comic generator with editing tools.

WORD or PICTURE COLLAGES: - create a collage of words - Comparable to wordle... just a little different.

TEXT ART - Online site allows you to make creative pieces with words and / or pictures. - Upload your own images and create pictures from you image in text. - Upload your images and create pictures for your text. - Creatively use your photos.... all kinds of ways.

GRAFFITI / FONT GENERATORS: - create your own graffiti font. -Create your own fonts! - Font Creator

FOR PROJECT / COLLABORATION- MULTIMEDIA USE: Convert clips from youtube for your own movie. Convert youtube video and music to use in imovie. - online collaboration website - online site allows you to add audio clips - online allows you to easily send videos - Online site -FREE inspirational video-clips. - Online presentation. - Create your own BLOG! This would be a good way to showcase your artwork. - Create your own BLOG! This would be a good way to showcase your artwork. - Create your own WIKI! Another creative way to showcase your artwork. - Digital presentations

Brainstorming Ideas: - Diagrams online - Diagrams online

OTHER IDEAS ONLINE: - Online site allows you to create sand art on your computer. Make pixel Art Pictures.

The Pumpkin Gutter, check out some ultimate pumpkin carvings
and learn how to carve pumpkins like this in his tutorials.
Looking for more carved food... also check this out Watermelon Carvings



Comic Life - Program on your MacBook
Sketch up- Program on your MacBook
Stykz - Stick figure animation program on your MacBook.
Google Drawing: