9-12 ART STANDARDS - developed from the National Art Standards
*Each project created will be assessed on 4 standards.
S.1. The artist can understand and apply media, techniques, and processes: The artist can use art processes and techniques previously practiced to create a unique work of art that meets project learning targets / goals and expectations. The artist also understands and can demonstrate processes and safety concerns involved for caring for art media / materials as well as utilizing resources and time effectively and efficiently. (project: application of techniques, creativity, process, and working procedures)

S.2. The artist uses knowledge of structures and functions: The artist can organize the components of a work of art into a cohesive and meaningful whole, such as organizational principles, expressive features and functional art to create a finished work of art. (project: use of elem. of art / principles of design and craftsmanship to function as intended)

S.3. The artist understands the visual arts in relation to history and cultures, can make interdisciplinary connections, and engage in 21st cent. skills:
The artist can research a variety of ideas in planning for own individual project. These researched ideas should also be shared within the final project reflection. (project process: research, planning, collaboration, communication, cross curricular connections)

S.4. The artist can reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others: The artist can write an in depth reflection upon the completion of a project incorporating the elem. of art / principles of design, including the following pieces: explanation of the project including the process, research competed, project goals / standards met, and personal reflection of their art as well as art created around them. (project reflection)