At the beginning of the semester all art students will be required to create a blog using blogger (a free google product connected to gmail). Upon completion of each project artists will submit a photo of the finished project along with a reflection regarding the process and final project. This will help in my assessment of your project. (The more you can tell me about your project and the process / work that went into it, the easier it is for me to understand your thinking and learning when assessing it). Reflecting on thinking and learning is a big part of the creation process. Blogging also provides a professional - digital portfolio to showcase talent, accomplishments and reflect on the growth process. Please share your blog link with your family and friends so they can also see what you are working on.

Blog Reflection - to be completed upon finishing a project.
*Upload a photo of your project to your blog and add a reflection explaining the following questions. For an “A” incorporate the elements of art and / or principles of design within your reflection (How did you use incorporate these?)
  1. Explain your project, what is it? How was it created (the process), with what materials and why did you choose to do this piece?
  2. Prior to creating this piece, what research did you do regarding the technique, process, style, or subject matter? How did this research help you with your ideas for your project?
  3. How did you meet the project learning targets / standards?
  4. What are your personal thoughts about this project; explain what you learned, strengths and areas you could have improved on?
  5. If you were to choose one project that best met the project goals / standards or personal goals; explain what project that would be, who created it and defend why you like it the best.

(Elements of Art include: line, shape, color, value, texture, space, and form. Principals of Design include: balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity.)

For an example of an "awesome" blog reflection take a look at this Blog link. The top post is an example of a good project reflection. The bottom (2nd post) is an example of a project proposal for Adv. Art students.


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